Spring Break, Part 1 – Sickness, Sleeping and Cannons, Oh My!

Breaks are always interesting at my house. There’s the standard things that happen, such as there’s always something different at home. Sometimes it’s a new lamp, minor redecorating or semi-major rearrangement of the kitchen. This break was no different. New small benches at the game table, puzzle piece photo frames on the wall – that’s cool. 

Sometimes eventful things happen (planned or unplanned), and sometimes eventful things don’t. But hey, that’s break. Sometimes, it’s just something small, but other times, it’s not. We seem to have a tradition in my house for someone to get sick on holidays, and now that’s expanded to college breaks also. But that’s just life. (It feels like I’m the one that’s sick on holidays and breaks a lot, but that might just be my view.)

This break was one where the unplanned eventful things happen. 

So, standard break. Sick? Check. Hanging out with family? Check. Watching an excessive amount of Netflix/catching up on all the shows I don’t have time to watch at school? Check. Finding a counted cross stitch project that I started as a Christmas project about four years ago for my mom and still haven’t finished? Check. Going to the mall with my family? Check. Helping my mom clean the house and cook? Check. 

But even in these “standard” things, something always happens to spice life up. Trip to the mall? Originally, it was just to find my sister a dress to wear to prom this year. And we did that. And we walked around the mall some. That’s when we found something odd. 

A cannon. Yes, you read that correctly – a cannon. There is a legitimate cannon in the mall, right outside New York & Company. It wasn’t there just a couple months ago, and I’m not entirely sure why it’s there now. But it is. It makes a lot of sense because of the area where I live (yay historical sites from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars!), but still. Cool? Yes. 

And then there’s also the really unplanned eventful things. But we’ll save those for the next post.

7 thoughts on “Spring Break, Part 1 – Sickness, Sleeping and Cannons, Oh My!

  1. Kate Norman says:

    Going home for break and just getting to chill is the best 🙂 And hey, if you're going to get sick, might as well do it at home so you can curl up on the couch while your mom babies you.

  2. Madison says:

    Breaks are wonderful! lol and my mom seems to just rearrange the furniture instead of add new things, but there's always something different when I come home too!

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