Blogging, College and Cooking

Well, my initial goal of keeping up with this blog has fallen by the wayside.

Basically, college happened. And House M.D.. But mostly college.

I finished my ten blog posts for class (yes!) but then … got distracted. Since it wasn’t part of homework anymore, blogging fell off the radar.

But I want to continue this. I like blogging. It’s fun. It won’t be twice a week, at least at the moment. Maybe sometime I’ll work back up to twice a week. But not now. There’s exams to study for, papers to write and articles to write.

I don’t know how much I’ll post for the rest of the semester. Hopefully, I should have a little more time over the summer, but I’ll be interning in Washington, D.C., so we’ll see about that. That should at least provide some exciting content for this little blog, though!

With the summer also comes a real kitchen (more than a microwave, hot pot and magic bullet; better than a dorm kitchen and dorm utensils), so I can try out some more experimental recipes. “Chocolate” “cheese”cake, here I come! And that’s one of the things I’m really excited about for the summer – a real kitchen with real kitchen utensils.

No more using the same 3 inch blade pocketknife for opening boxes, washing it, using it to prep raw chicken for making Sunday lunch, washing it, then boiling it to make sure it’s sanitary so I can cut fruit and not get salmonella or something. No more accidentally freezing apples because I was trying to keep my little pint of rice milk ice cream frozen in my sorry excuse for a freezer. (Note: frozen apples are actually pretty good. Make sure you eat them either while frozen or only partially thawed. Totally thawed frozen apples have quite an interesting texture. You have been warned.)

Until the summer, my frozens might be frozen, but my refrigerated food might be frozen too. And it’s ok. I’m glad I have my little fridge/freezer in my room. I’m glad I live in a dorm that has a kitchen (and I will miss that same kitchen when I move dorms next year). I’m glad my little knife is so versatile. And I’m glad that I know how to cook so I don’t always have to rely on good ole Chucks for food.

Anyways, I digress. I will be blogging more in upcoming weeks than I have been the past couple weeks, so keep an eye out for new posts! I still have to find a good allergen-free cheesecake recipe…


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