Profile Interview (NJC)

I’m interning through the National Journalism Center this summer. For my internship, I will be posting several assignments to my blog, including this interview I did with one of my fellow interns.

Jack Howard

Most awkward moment: On a youth mission trip to Cincinnati in junior high, he and the other boys left their cabin to throw rocks at the girls’ windows while wearing togas. But they didn’t throw the rocks at the right window – they threw them at their pastor’s window. She chased them, and Jack was clotheslined by a power line. He fell down and his toga fell off, and when he stood up, his pastor was right there.
Church: United Church of Christ in Elmhurst, Illinois
What was his church like: It was a lot of fun and gave him lots of opportunities to speak in public through “reflections” (like sermons) in church. One reflection he gave was on when he was working at a food pantry in St. Louis, he was thinking about where Jesus would be. Jack decided that Jesus would be served and be serving there. That was controversial within the church, but the pastor defended his reflection the next week.
Favorite way to relax: Run. Listen to radio (he’s subscribed to about 66 podcasts). He likes the storytelling side, not really the political. He gets lost in stories in radio and also music.
Favorite movies: “Toy Story 3,” “50/50,” “Super 8.”

  • “Toy Story 3”: Made him cry from sadness and laughter in the same scene. He said the movie also has good characters and music.
  • “50/50”: Made him laugh and cry. It’s about a radio producer (Joseph Gordon Levitt) who gets cancer at a young age.
  • “Super 8”: He said it has deep metaphors, was shot well and beautiful, and he empathizes with the protagonist. It has an “unbelievable ending” and a “cutesy love story.”

Scary movies? Jack hates them. “I get really into movies. I can’t just laugh at it.” He closes his eyes during scary movie trailers because he likes listening to the music and doesn’t like things popping out.


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