Fredericksburg Accommodations Vs. Historical Sites As Related To Tourism

Fredericksburg, Virginia, is full of history. Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies, and it’s particularly known for the two battles that were fought there during the Civil War. Because of that, people come to Fredericksburg to walk the battlefield and visit the historic downtown area.

Over the years, the number of tourists coming has changed, as has the number of museums or historical sites (or similar institutions) in the city. In 1998, according to the United States Census Bureau, Fredericksburg had four such sites, with three museums and one historical site. That number was the same in 2012, but it changed in that 14-year period.

In 2003, Fredericksburg gained three museums/historical sites to bring the total up to seven with one museum and two historical sites. It immediately began to drop again, with three of both museums and historical sites for the next three years, then dropping another museum/historical site. After that, it dropped down to the 2012 statistics.

However, accommodation in Fredericksburg doesn’t seem to have followed the same trend. In 1998, Fredericksburg had 18 services for traveler accommodation, with 15 hotels and motels and 3 bed-and-breakfast inns or other traveler accommodations.

As the number of museums/historical sites grew, the number of accommodation actually dropped slightly, getting to 15 services, with 13 hotels and motels and 2 bed-and-breakfast inns or other traveler accommodations in 2004.

Accommodations started growing in 2005, reaching their peak in 2006, which was the last year of the higher numbers for historical sites/museums. There were 21 traveler accommodations, with 18 hotels and motels and 3 bed-and-breakfast inns or other traveler accommodations.

Since then, accommodations for Fredericksburg has dropped lower than it was in 1998, even though the number of historical sites and museums equals that in 1998. By 2012, Fredericksburg lost three hotels and motels from the number they started with in 1998. However, they still have their three bed and breakfasts, though that number had minor fluctuations over the years.


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