Goodreads 2015 reading challenge


photo: screenshot Goodreads

I’ve had a Goodreads account for about a year and a half now, but last year was the first time I used it to set a reading goal.

Several of my friends on the site did the same thing. Some had lofty goals, others smaller, more easily achievable goals.

I decided to fall somewhere in the middle. Reading 48 books across the year didn’t sound too hard, right? Well, mostly. I did accomplish last year’s goal, but only by reading 14 books in a couple weeks.

It turns out that while it’s easy to read while working full-time across the summer, it’s way harder to fit it in around college classes, homework, work, friends, on-campus groups, and sleeping.

But I am determined to reach my goal for this year and do it by reading more consistently. This year, I’m trying to read 52 books, or one per week. Yes, there will be some weeks where I’m just too busy to finish an entire book. But that’s okay.

My favorite part about the Goodreads reading goal is I have to read new books every year. Goodreads tracks books read according to the date recorded for finishing the book. So, technically, I end up reading more books than my goal each year because I re-read books, but I’m excited to read 52 new books across 2015.

Here’s some guidelines for my list:

  • Listening to an audiobook counts, but only if I’m actively listening and paying attention
  • Read from a variety of genres
  • Read at least five Ancient Greek works (in English. My Greek is a little rusty)
  • Read at least one Ancient Greek work in Greek (This will be fun and challenging. I haven’t used my Greek much in the past couple years)

At the beginning of each month, I’m going to recap the books I read the previous month and let y’all know what’s on my list for the next couple weeks.

What are some of your favorite books? What books would you suggest I add to my list to read this year?

Coming soon: February book list and January recap!


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