Mansfield Ohio Historic Carrousel

Ohio Adventures – Mansfield Historic Carrousel District

Last Saturday, I met up with one of my aunts in Mansfield, Ohio to hang out and catch up. Why Mansfield? Well, it was the city closest to being halfway between us.

Through extensive Google searches, we settled on Mansfield’s Historic Carrousel District as our destination. We got there, and it was such a cute little section of the town with a coffee shop, thrift shop, couple restaurants, carrousel and a couple other small town-y shops. And it was snowing, so that made for an interesting day.

We stopped in a coffee shop – “Relax, It’s Just Coffee” and tried to find the bathroom. It turned out that you had to go out the back door and up two flights of stairs. Interesting. Better yet, a small pot containing a cactus (with a small wooden sign saying “Arizona”) was sitting on a windowsill in the hall.

Ah, yes. The Arizona cactus in front of the Ohio snow…

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But that wasn’t the end of our mirth. The elevator at the end of the hall was labeled with a sign informing potential passengers of how many calories they could burn by taking the stairs. Thanks, elevator.

After grabbing some tea and coffee, we headed back out into the cold snowy day. Just down the street, we found What Goes ‘Round Thrift Shoppe. They had so much cool stuff – and all the proceeds supported the Hospice of North Central Ohio.

I got a new book (several actually because books were 10 cents each). But the most interesting book was “Mama Made Minks.” I’m really excited to read this.

Thrift shops are the best. Where else can you find books like this for 10 cents?

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We also found some interesting craft items…

Thrift shop plastic doll parts, anyone?

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…and exercise equipment. Hide-away treadmill, anyone?

Nothing like a hide-away treadmill… #thriftshopadventures

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And there was an actual carrousel in the Carrousel Historic District (shocking, I know). Somehow, I didn’t actually make that connection until we got there…

About to ride the carousel! #haventriddenoneinforever #amitallenoughtogeton?

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But my aunt and I went for a ride! I haven’t been on a carrousel in what feels like forever.

Carousel fun! #adventureswithauntpatty

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I chose one of the horses that was as low to the ground as possible because I’m relatively short. However, that backfired. At the end of the ride, the horse was at it’s tallest point, and I almost had to jump off (#shortgirlproblems).

Most of the rest of our afternoon was spent at Athens Greek Restaurant. The food was amazing. We had this really great spicy hummus-feta dip with warm pita bread. It’s my new favorite kind of hummus! I had a gyro, and I hadn’t had one in a really long time. We ended up hanging out in the restaurant for several hours, just talking and catching up.

After lunch, we checked out the last two shops we were interested in – an antique store and a small bookstore. Both closed at five, but we managed to slip into the bookstore a couple minutes after five and still look around.

The antique store was really cool, but it was a mix of a thrift store and antique store. There were some books and other items that were published after I was born, so I don’t think those can be considered antiques.

Mansfield’s Historic Carrousel District was such a fun place to go for the afternoon! It’s a great place to hang out and browse some small shops – Aunt Patty and I definitely planning on going again.

What are some of your favorite small towns or districts? Have you had any small-town adventures?


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