The Stages of Senior Year

As I approach graduation, I’ve been thinking over senior year. I was talking with one of my friends last week about the stages seniors go through during the year.

1. Excitement

You get back to college in the fall, and it’s so exciting to see your friends again. You start up classes and start to get into the swing of classes, homework and work. You’re excited to be graduating and FINALLY be done with college – after all, you’ve probably already spent three years there.

2. Stress

Yes, college is stressful. Every year is stressful. But somewhere around January of your senior year, you start realizing that graduation is coming closer, and you have no idea what you’re doing or at least no solid plans.

3. Apathy

You’re graduating! You’ll be done so soon, why should you work now? Graduation seems so far away, and there’s plenty of time…

4. More stress

Graduation’s coming closer, and everything’s speeding up at an alarming rate. You might have a job lined up by now, and that’s great! But that means you now need to figure other things out, such as where you’ll be living and all other associated plans. Somewhere around here you also start realizing that you’ll probably never be living with so many of your friends again, and you’ll all be going your separate ways post graduation…

Now, there’s a lot more that happens senior year, and it’s a lot of fun while being a lot of work. If you’re finishing up your senior year now, cherish the time you have left, spending time with your people. If you have yet to go through senior year – get excited! It’ll be a lot of hard work, but it’ll also be fun.


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