Goodreads to-read: May

So you might remember that I’m doing a Goodreads challenge for this year – I’m trying to read 52 books during 2015.

About a month and a half ago I updated y’all on my progress, and I was doing pretty well then! I had read 11 books, and I was on track. It was only halfway through March, and I was pretty sure I could finish my goal for that month. I even had a list of what I was going to read through March!

But then college happened. The semester started picking up, and I found myself having less and less time to read. Other things, such as starting a new job, attempting to be motivated to do homework and working my existing job, started taking up a lot more time.

But I’m graduating college in two days (so excited!), and I should have some more time to read, now that I won’t have a ton of homework to do after a full day of work and classes. Without further ado, here’s my May to-read list, which looks an awful lot like my March list.

March to-read:

  1. “The Scorch Trials” (Maze Runner #2)
  2. “The Death Cure” (Maze Runner #3)
  3. “The Eternity Code” (Artemis Fowl #3)
  4. “Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream”
  5. “Schindler’s List”

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of the books I’m about to start?


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