The Value of Rest

There are times when I just don’t know how to say “no.” You’d think it would be simple. “No” is such a little word, just two letters. But it’s surprisingly hard to say.

I’ve gone through seasons of my life that were incredibly busy and stressful coughcollegecough Last summer, I interned in Washington, D.C., and had some great experiences. My placement let me try a lot of different things across the summer – writing, editing, designing graphics and running one of their social media pages. And while that was amazing for me professionally, it wasn’t great for me personally. I was overcommitted. Between my placement and class sessions, it was a full-time internship, and I was taking work home with me.

Through that summer, I attended Capitol Hill Baptist Church on the east side of D.C., and I loved it. They had an interns Bible study that met throughout the summer, which was a great support system for me. One of the things they did was give out books at the beginning of each meeting.

I got a book called “The Gospel at Work” by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert, and it was the perfect book for me to be reading then. The message of the book basically boils down to “As a Christian, you are called to serve Christ in all you do, so make sure you’re serving Him through your work.”

But even with that book, there was something that I was forgetting: Rest.

And I’m not talking about just physical rest. Don’t get me wrong – relaxing and sleeping are both good and necessary. But that’s not enough.

It’s resting in God. Relying on His promises.

And I’ve been learning this more and more throughout the past school year and this summer. I slept more this past school year than any other year in college. But that just led me to realizing that physical rest is necessary, but spiritual rest is paramount.

That was really driven home for me this week in both my Bible study and church. At Bible study a couple weeks ago, we ended up talking about keeping the Sabbath and how different families take different approaches to that concept. Some keep Sundays for spending time with family at home, while others proceed with Sunday as any other day after going to church, and others still have different schedules.

Then last week in church, Rob was teaching on part of Hebrews 4, and it was all about rest. It’s as if God’s trying to tell me something. (Spoiler: He is.)

I started thinking about what I’m doing with my life. I’m filling every second of it. I work. Come home. Eat dinner. Work on one of several projects I have going. See friends. Sleep. Repeat.

And while I have morning devotions and do homework for Bible study, where’s my time to just rest in God’s promises by reading Scripture? Where’s my time to be still and know that God is God?

Part of this comes from my very extroverted self. I love being around people and get energized from spending time with them. I’m not saying that spending time with people is bad — God created us for relationship and community, so spending time with others is necessary. But even though I need people, I need God more.

And He’s driving that home.

Rest in Me.


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