“The Hunters”

There’s nothing quite like finding a new movie, TV show, or book that combines elements of your favorite favorite media and mashes them all up together into one new (sometimes cheesy) package of goodness.

And that’s been happening to me a lot recently. Maybe I’m getting really good at choosing stellar* media. (*stellar = media that I like. Not necessarily of great quality or for furthering knowledge.) Or maybe I’m really easy to please at the moment.

Whichever option it is, “The Hunters,” definitely falls the-hunters-2013-25347into that category.

What drew me in? The Netflix summary.

C’mon. It mentioned mythical artifacts (LOVE), such as Jason’s Golden Fleece (Greek myth, so really LOVE) and Cinderella’s glass slippers (it’s Cinderella, seriously, people). And these mythical artifacts are protected by a secret society.

Things you should know.

  1. Mythology? I love it. This partially comes from reading myths growing up and studying Ancient Greek throughout high school. So, (almost) anything mythology? I’m there.
  2. Secret societies. If you know me, you know that I love “National Treasure” and grew up reading mysteries. Because of those, anything with secret societies is intriguing.

So just starting with the Netflix description, I was pretty sure I would enjoy this movie. And I was right.

“The Hunters” introduces you to a husband-and-wife team of thieves who steal priceless artifacts. But they’re very quickly thrown into peril, and the story shifts to their teenage sons, Paxton (Robbie Amell) and Tripp (Keenan Tracey).

Pax and Tripp believe their parents are archaeologists, which is technically correct. They know just enough to put the pieces together and figure out that their parents aren’t what they seem, with a little help from Pax’s semi-ex-girlfriend, Dylan (Alexa PenaVega).

Their parents are Hunters. Dylan’s a Hunter. And now, Pax and Tripp are Hunters, too, tasked with protecting the world’s artifacts that many believe are just part of myths.

This sends the three off onto a crazy adventure of recovering mirror shards that belonged to the Magic Mirror from “Snow White,” all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the baddies and figure out what happened to their parents.

A visit to a nutty professor, a rock-climbing trip, and a museum heist later, our three heroes realize everything isn’t how it seems. And now they need to figure out what to do next.

“The Hunters” reminded me a lot of “National Treasure,” “Harry Potter,” and “Spy Kids.”

Adventure across the world to find lost treasures? Check.

Crazy puzzles that lead to the next item? Check.

Kids not learning some of their identity until they’re older? Check.

Families that all have their own identifiable traits? Check.

Parents part of a secret organization with the kids blissfully unaware? Check.

Main characters need to succeed with a mission or else the world will be taken over? Check.

Are those bad things? Nope. I really enjoyed “The Hunters.” And at only 1 hour 25 minutes, it’s a quick and fun watch.



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