2016 Reading Challenge

This year, I’m excited to being doing a book-reading challenge again. I know, it’s May. But I have been reading all year, and I’m making great progress.

Last year, I set a Goodreads goal of 50 books, and I didn’t quite make it. School got insanely busy, and reading for fun just disappeared. I set a Goodreads goal of 52 books for 2016, and it’s going great!

As part of my Goodreads challenge, I’m also working on PopSugar’s 2016 Reading Challenge. PopSugar put out a list of 40 books to read – everything from “a book you haven’t read since high school” to “a book with a protagonist who has your occupation” to “a book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with.”

I’ve read some books so far this year that’ll count toward the PopSugar challenge, and I’m excited to read the rest!

correction: PopSugar’s challenge contains 40 books



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