This past weekend, I saw “Zootopia” with one of my dear friends. zootopia

What I knew going into the movie?

  1. The theatre we went to only cost $3.
  2. There would be an amazing scene in the movie about sloths running a DMV.

Other than that, I really had no idea what the movie was about. I had only seen the sloth trailer, and that was enough to convince me I wanted to see it. Sloths running a DMV? If you’ve ever been to one of the DMVs in Virginia, you’ll relate to that scene…

Anyway, I digress.

“Zootopia” tells the story of Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a bunny who grew up with her carrot-farming family in Bunnyburrow. But Judy dreams of a bigger life – one in Zootopia, of being a police officer (typically not a job a bunny takes). Her dreams start to come true, but life in the big city isn’t what she always dreamed it will be. Following her dreams is a challenge, and Judy takes them head-on, working against prejudices and stereotypes (and working to combat her own prejudices and stereotypes at the same time). She meets fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), and together, they learn a little more about friendship and removing prejudices.

In many ways, “Zootopia” mirrors our world today. Prejudices and stereotypes run rampant. Judy is called a “dumb bunny” multiple times, and Nick is considered a conniving fox. Blame is assigned in similar ways.

But one of the most entertaining similarities were the parallels between the entertainers in the world of “Zootopia” and ours. As Judy leaves for Zootopia, she flips through some artists on her iPawd, choosing what music to listen to. After flipping past The Beagles, Catty Perry, Hyena Gomez and Kanine West (among others), she settles on music by Gazelle (Shakira), who sings “Try Everything.” “Try Everything” is a catchy song saying that she won’t give up, and even if she fails, she’ll try everything. And Judy does.

“Zootopia” kept me glued to my seat. There were a couple times throughout when I thought I had everything figured out and the plot was wrapping up. But, boy was I wrong. Through the twists and turns, I was invested until the very end. Judy draws you in, and you want to see her succeed. And Nick Wilde? He frustrated me. Then he started to grow on me. I felt really bad for him. And then, I was so happy with where he ended up.

You’ll want to watch this happy tale of a bunny and fox, learning about prejudice and stereotypes while fighting crime and building friendship.

“Zootopia” will be released on DVD June 7.


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