What to Do with 11 Pounds of Strawberries

Last weekend, I went strawberry picking. A little while and about two-thirds of a row later, I had a full flat (or about 11 pounds) of the delicious berries.

What do you do with that much strawberries?

1. Make homemade jam


I grew up learning how to can from my Mom – we’d can tomatoes and peaches and even make strawberry jam! I knew I wanted homemade strawberry freezer jam this year for my PB&J sandwiches (the best), so I couldn’t wait to make it. And freezer jam is the easiest thing to make, too.

2. Eat a ton (*a lot. Not a literal ton.)


Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, so they’ve been really great work snacks! I’ve just been slicing them up and eating them either plain or with peach-mango soy yogurt (which you can totally eat with chopsticks. It just takes a while.).

3. Make strawberry barbecue sauce

Now, that might sounds a little odd. But it’s really good! I’m allergic to tomatoes, so I can typically only eat vinegar-based barbecue sauces. I love those, but I am glad to have a red barbecue sauce again! I found the recipe in Southern Living (they had a whole spread on strawberries!), and it’s zippy (just like barbecue sauce should be). Fair warning: I didn’t put the cayenne pepper in mine, and it’s plenty spicy for me.

4. Make strawberry pie

I wasn’t able to find rhubarb, so there wasn’t a strawberry rhubarb pie this year. But I made a strawberry pie, which turned out well! I’d already hulled and sliced all my strawberries earlier in the week, so it was really easy to make.

Pro tip: Don’t hull and slice nine pounds of deliciously ripe and juicy strawberries at once. The juice will get everywhere. And stain your hands. And it may or may not look like the strawberries were a victim of a violent crime.

5. Try to figure out what do with your remaining four pounds of berries

I’m contemplating freezing some for making smoothies this summer or making strawberry biscuits (with coconut milk instead of the dairy). But I’d love some suggestions!

What would you make with my last four pounds of berries?


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