Adventure: Columbus Zoo

Last weekend, a couple of my friends and I went up to the Columbus zoo.

Backstory: I love red pandas. They’re just so adorable and look so cuddly! One of my friends also loves them, so we decided we needed to visit some in person. So off to the zoo!

We went late in the afternoon on a hot day, so a lot of the animals were sleeping or at least relaxing.

1. Koala


Over in the “Australia & Islands” section of the zoo, we saw a koala! Yeah, he was just napping on a tree.

2. Kangaroo


3. Otters


4. Penguin


He was just hanging out and posing!

5. Birds

We saw a several different kinds of birds – these are two of my favorites.



6. Ray


7. Blue tang (Dory!)


8. Langur


9. Zebra shark


10. Flying fox bat


11. I was so excited to see the elephants and red pandas!


12. Elephant – his name is Hank


13. Red panda

I was so excited to see the red pandas! Unfortunately, he was sprawled over a tree branch sleeping…


14. Tiger

Tigers were always one of my favorite animals growing up (at least partially because of Tigger. He’s the best.).


15. Polar bears! Polar bears on the ground!

Of all places… I’ll never look at polar bears in quite the same way after listening to “Cabin Pressure.” 19-polar-bear

16. Brown bear

Definitely nap time.


17. Lions

Most of the lions were napping, but this one looked like it just woke up and wasn’t sure about being totally awake yet.


I knew the Columbus zoo was big, but I didn’t realize quite how big. But my friends and I still managed to make it through most of the zoo in about three hours!

Have you been to a zoo recently? What’s your favorite animal to visit?


One thought on “Adventure: Columbus Zoo

  1. Kayleigh Rich says:

    This is great, Lauren! I’m amazed by your photos!! My favorite animal to visit used to be otters, but I’ve transitioned to being all about the red pandas since I’ve met you. 🙂

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