Adventures and Mishaps: Tour de East Coast

A couple weeks ago, I took the most of the rest of my vacation days and did the longest roadtrip I’ve ever driven – 1300 miles in 6 days.

That’s an adventure in and of itself, but if you know me, then you know crazy things always seem to happen.

Things always seem to happen in threes, especially when it comes to things breaking.

  1. My travel mug broke – the lid sprang apart into a couple pieces. So that made coffee consumption for my trip extra interesting.
  2. My new sunglasses snapped in two, just because I accidentally bounced them off my apartment floor (okay, fine, I dropped them). Thankfully, I had a backup pair.
  3. My car phone charger mysteriously stopped working … about 20 minutes into my road trip. And that problem was only solved by purchasing a new one.

But now that three problems have happened, everything should be great, right?



For a while, the trip was great. The weather was good; I had my coffee; I had food; and most importantly, I had the “Hamilton” soundtrack and an amazing audiobook.

And this audiobook (“Ten Thousand Skies Above You” by Claudia Gray – keep an eye out for my review!) was one of the best parts of the trip. pa-flash-floodIt definitely helped with the worst part of the trip, which was getting stuck in Pennsylvania because of a flash flood. This was seriously my view for about two hours. And the most ideal for your phone to give you an emergency warning for a flash flood is definitely after you’ve been staring at aforementioned flood for over an hour.

I’ve never been stuck because of a flood before, and I hope to never be again.

Once I finally got to the East Coast, it was wonderful seeing my dear friends and spending time with them, especially with all of the book-related things Sarah and I did (including but not limited to going to Barnes & Noble and attempting to buy everything and also constantly nerding out over books).

All too soon, that portion of the trip ended, which means I got to head south on a Friday, attempting to get to Virginia to see my family. And that trip was a great improvement over the first, even with all the lovely traffic. I spent a couple days with the fam, picked up a super cute little table for my living room … then all too soon I had to leave again.

If we’re doing a definitive ranking of drives across that trip, then the trip back to Ohio was definitely the best. I had great music and audiobooks again, but this time, I packed all my meals, so I only had to stop to feed my car.

What kinds of crazy things have happened to you while you were traveling? Do crazy things seem to happen to you in groups, or are they just one-offs?


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