Packing Up and Moving On

For the sixth time in six years, I’m packing my life into boxes and prepping to shift them to someplace new. Now, four of those years were for college, but I still count them. At the beginning of every year, I’d pack all my stuff up and move into my dorm room. May rolls around, and I’m boxing my life up again. (Maybe each year of college counts twice? So, 10 moves?)

And I’ve kept the trend up post-college. There was the move from my dorm room to my first apartment, then last year I moved across town. And yep, I’m packing again.

Across all these moves, I’ve learned a lot.

  1. You never realize how much stuff you have until you need to move all of it.

    Seriously. I know that I have a lot of books, and that those are gonna be a pain to move every time just because they’re heavy. But I never realize how much random stuff I’ve saved that I think I’m going to later want, could later use, or who knows why else. This time around, I’m trying to start packing early enough to thoroughly evaluate what I have, what I want to keep, and what I want to get rid of.

  2. Moving takes more time than you think.

    I tend to underestimate how much time stuff will take me sometimes. Like with moving. I’ll be standing here in my apartment looking around at what I have and think, “Yeah. That won’t take long. I just need to do x, y, and z; throw that in my car; and we’re good!” But with moving, it’s almost never that simple. What looks like just one more pile of stuff to put in boxes and move out turns into that pile to shift, the things hiding under that pile that can’t go in the same box, the thing you set aside before because you were looking for that other thing to pack with it, and then the box doesn’t fit in your car. Just me? Okay.

  3. Be careful of where you keep your phone.

    Last year, I was carrying boxes out to my car and listening to the audiobook for “The Girl on the Train.” Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in the book and how ready I was to be done moving that I didn’t notice my phone slipping from my pocket until it was too late. There goes the iPhone, corner over corner, cartwheeling across the gravel parking lot. I didn’t even know that it was possible to shatter the display to the phone but not the glass until then!

    The best part? My phone started acting slightly possessed, which was entertaining. Calling my mom? FaceTimed her instead and proceeded to rapidly flip the camera throughout the entire call. Using the screen was useless, which meant I used Siri a lot. Which also meant that I was trying to get Siri to turn bluetooth off as I was walking through the open-air mall to the Apple store, and she instead started blasting Fall Out Boy. That was exciting. I’ll definitely be keeping tighter tabs on my phone this go-around.

Moving’s such a complex process, and I’ve definitely learned some good lessons over the years with my experiences. I can pack almost an entire dorm room into my small car. I’m really good at assembling and disassembling furniture. And I love the chance to make a new place a home. My apartment this past year definitely became home for me. And I’m excited to see what’s next!

What has packing and moving been like for you? Do you have any stories or adventures from those phases of life? 


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