#laurenlettersmay is a project Lauren Eissler ran throughout the month of may to practice handlettering. Across the month, she lettered a quote or saying for each day – sometimes getting behind and catching up. See all her lettered quotes and sayings on her Instagram!

A Look Back: #laurenlettersmay

Now that it’s almost July, it seems like the ideal time to look back at my project from almost two months ago, right? Right. I completed 31 separate lettering projects across May (well, technically, May 2-June 1. But that’s fine).

It was my goal to do one project every day, but that didn’t always happen. Some days were crazy with a lot of things going on, so I didn’t “have time” to letter. But I always caught up again (which was the reason for #catchingup). Even though I didn’t do a new piece every day necessarily, I got a lot of good practice in. I’m a lot faster now at doing pieces, and I’m better as well.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces I did from across the month!

That last post there was especially fun because I tried something really different with it. Throughout most of the month, I’d sketch out my quote or saying first in pencil, then use either ink or brush pens for the final version. For that last C.S. Lewis quote, I used Sharpie, which was interesting to work with. I used just a normal, fine-tip Sharpie, so I was getting thicker lines than I was used to. But the Sharpie dried instantly, so I didn’t get any of the bleeding or accidental ink-smudging like I’ve gotten from using ink pens.

If you want to see the rest of my work, check out my Instagram! You can find everything from this project under #laurenlettersmay. And I’ve still been lettering since May ended, and I’m still posting those on my Instagram.


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