#laurenlettersmay is a project Lauren Eissler ran throughout the month of may to practice handlettering. Across the month, she lettered a quote or saying for each day – sometimes getting behind and catching up. See all her lettered quotes and sayings on her Instagram!

A Look Back: #laurenlettersmay

Now that it's almost July, it seems like the ideal time to look back at my project from almost two months ago, right? Right. I completed 31 separate lettering projects across May (well, technically, May 2-June 1. But that's fine). It was my goal to do one project every day, but that didn't always happen. … Continue reading A Look Back: #laurenlettersmay


Life Update: Schedule Craziness and Paring Back

Hey, y'all! So, I've recently realized just how long it's been since I've last posted. I haven't completely forgotten about this blog. I've drafted a couple posts here and there...but they never got posted. Not because they didn't deserve to. Just because they needed a little "something" that they didn't have yet. But I'll be revisiting … Continue reading Life Update: Schedule Craziness and Paring Back