How do you respond to finding you have a mouse in your house or apartment? In Lauren's case, it's with food, cleaning supplies, and mousetraps. Read the story!

The Great Rodentia War of 2017

September 2017 All was quiet in the apartment. Well, for a moment. Then the distinct scratching noises came from overhead – as if a small rodent was scuttling across the ceiling. Lauren glanced up. "Odd," she thought and hoped that she was just going crazy. For the longest time, the alleged animal didn't make a … Continue reading The Great Rodentia War of 2017

#laurenlettersmay is a project Lauren Eissler ran throughout the month of may to practice handlettering. Across the month, she lettered a quote or saying for each day – sometimes getting behind and catching up. See all her lettered quotes and sayings on her Instagram!

A Look Back: #laurenlettersmay

Now that it's almost July, it seems like the ideal time to look back at my project from almost two months ago, right? Right. I completed 31 separate lettering projects across May (well, technically, May 2-June 1. But that's fine). It was my goal to do one project every day, but that didn't always happen. … Continue reading A Look Back: #laurenlettersmay

Life Update: Schedule Craziness and Paring Back

Hey, y'all! So, I've recently realized just how long it's been since I've last posted. I haven't completely forgotten about this blog. I've drafted a couple posts here and there...but they never got posted. Not because they didn't deserve to. Just because they needed a little "something" that they didn't have yet. But I'll be revisiting … Continue reading Life Update: Schedule Craziness and Paring Back